Red Velvet Spencer

My current project is to make a red velvet spencer, to match my day dress and keep me warm on Regency outings.  I’m using the Sense & Sensibility Spencer and Pelisse pattern

I’m making the double-breasted version, and I’d like to add a knee-length skirt, if I have enough fabric (it will be only just enough, I think).  I really just want something quick, easy and warm, so I’m not going to decorate it all that much, I’m mainly relying on the fabric to make it interesting.  I’m also aware that double-breasted may not be all that historically accurate, but I have a thing for double-breasted coats, so I don’t care, I’m doing it anyway.  Plus, it will make it warmer.

I’m using a dark red cotton velvet for the bulk, with a heavy, cherry-coloured satin for the facing, collar and wristbands.  I’m lining the back and sleeves with acetate lining, in cream with a fine red stripe.  I’m going to try to self-cover some buttons with satin.  So, it’s not really based on anything, but I think it’ll be a nice combination of shiny and fluffy.

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