C18th progress

Well, my C18th outfits are slowly progressing but I’ve hit a bit of a rut and really haven’t done much.  I’ve done my research, chosen my design and bought all the fabrics I need, so I’ve run out of fun things to do and have to trudge through the boring slow bits before I can get to the more interesting work of actually sewing the dress.

The corset is all done except for the lacing holes.  I’m still trying to work out how to do them – the internet seems adamant that I should use an awl to pierce the hole rather than cutting them but when I’ve tried this in the past it just hasn’t worked at all.  Maybe because I like to use closely-woven silk taffeta?  Anyway, I guess I’ll have another go.

Corset so far

Closer view of the corset

I should also make a new chemise.  I really love my Elizabethan one and I could easily make a new one from that pattern, but I do remember it taking longer than it should, because of having to measure out all the pieces.  I’m very tempted to just shorten the sleeves of my Elizabethan chemise…

I also need to make a bumroll, probably before I get into doing proper toiles and fittings.  Drafting one up and making it from some calico and stuffing shouldn’t be hard, it’s just another boring, fiddly thing to do.

I’ve already traced a proper pattern for the bodice from my epattern and cut and sewed a calico toile, but I can’t really progress until I’ve got working stays and a bumroll.  Sigh.


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