Queen Luise Dress

I also managed to make up the  Queen Luise dress from the pattern I got from Nehelenia Patterns.  It came together pretty quickly and I’m really happy with it, though I don’t have any photos yet.

I had to alter the pattern a bit by lowering the waistline – this might be because I wasn’t wearing period undergarments, or because I’m tall.  Not sure.  I also had a bit of trouble with the sleeves are there wasn’t much guidance on how to put them in, but I basically did what I’ve done in other dresses and it turned out fine.

I made the dress from a lovely soft cotton voile (Swiss, I think) with cotton/linen for the bodice lining, and a strip of silk satin for the waistband.  I found some nice lace in the cupboard for the bodice insert which decorates it a bit and I made a sash from pink silk satin.  I’ve retained the slight train for now, for a nice change.  I added an underskirt from a more substantial polycotton (ugh, but I was in a hurry) because it seemed easier than making a proper petticoat (I really need to get around to making one of those).

The only downsides: my handsewn buttonholes look ugly and I didn’t get around to hemming the underskirt.

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