Toile for new stays

So, to cut a long story short, I’ve decided to start on new eighteenth century stays.  In order to end up with something I actually like I’m making a few changes:

  • I’m making a slightly different style of stays, later ones with less boning and (hopefully) more curviness
  • I’m going to put more effort into doing a proper toile with boning, etc
  • I’m going to construct it in a more sensible (and hopefully accurate) way so that if I hate it when it’s done I have more chance of fixing it.

Anyway, I should write up what I’m doing in more detail later.  For now, these are pictures of the toile.  I’m currently contemplating

  • whether to raise the neckline (I think I probably should, I can always cut it down later).  I haven’t added any length so far because I was a bit daunted by how to do it, but I think the neckline is where it’s needed.
  • whether to take it in more at the centre front.  At the moment the armscyes are digging in and the lacing gap at the back is too narrow at the top, so hopefully taking it in more would help.

Basically this adds up to cutting a new front piece.  Sigh.  Off I go.


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