More on the new stays

So I cut a new  piece for the stays with the centre front fold on a slightly different axis and a higher neckline and it seemed to work out fairly well.  I wore them for a few hours and they didn’t hurt too much, although it’s hard to tell when they’re not boned as heavily as the finished thing will be (I ran out of boning) and it’s the crappy sew-through boning that doesn’t really work the same way.  The sew-through boning has actually been really good, it made it much more achievable to do a toile with boning in it, but I’m not sure how the feel of it will compare.  The boning that angles in and finishes around the waist at the front was digging in after a while, and I don’t really know whether that would still happen…

Anyway, I need to try it on again, but I need some spare time when I’m just going to be a home for a few hours! That hasn’t really happened recently.  And then I need to make final decisions about fabrics, boning etc.  Blah.


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