Cross stitch

I just finished a cross stitch project! I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. I saw an ad for a pattern in Cross Stitcher magazine for corgis but I couldn’t get the right edition, so I was so glad when I found out the pattern was on their website! It is SO CUTE.  The original pattern didn’t have a tail though, and since I’m making this for my grandma and her corgi/jack russell has a very character-filled tail I had to add one on. I was worried about doing that so I didn’t work on it for a while, but I just put the tail on and I think it came out pretty well.  I’m not 100% sure about the outlining since it was meant to be in dark brown and I didn’t bother buying one, but I think he’s cute anyway.


I’ve also got a few more projects lying around that I haven’t done anything with yet.

These ones are also from Cross Stitcher magazine (I really like that magazine. It’s not all kittens and fairies). I did the bird on a train in Norway and the Santa in Evidence lectures last summer.  I’m planning on putting them on Christmas aprons, I even bought the fabric last year but I ran out of time so I’d better find time this year.

Christmas cross stitch

This was my first go at sewing on evenweave instead of aida (nicer but more effort). There’s a couple of mistakes in it, which makes me grumpy, but I’ll cope.  I thought I’d turn it into a Christmas decoration.  The pattern is from Modern Folk on Etsy. I love all of their patterns and want to make them all, if only I had the time.


This one took me so long to do. Like, years.  I bought the pattern in Scotland in, I think, 2007? I think I just found it boring to do with all the lines and it never seemed to get anywhere… But I’m really pleased with it now, so it was worth it.  I think I’ll frame it, the other suggestion was to make it into a pillow but I’m not brave enough to do that after the time it took to make. The pattern is from Textile Heritage – I’ve bought quite a lot of things from them on various trips the UK.

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